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December 20, 2010 § 5 Comments

This book is the culmination of years of research,

every page researched or person interviewed

adding another individual to the book’s contributors.

You can be one of them, too:

I value your input,

especially where it may make a better book out of

Dead Meat, How to Deep6 the Darth Vaders in Your Life

Without Breaking a Sweat.

Constructive criticism is well, more constructive;

but if you have to vent, go ahead.

Maybe once you have delivered yourself of your opinions,

you will be able to see things more clearly,

and offer something that can lead to a

clearer and more accurate communication through

Dead Meat.

Many photographers contributed, too,

through their public-domain works.

Hopefully, they will like the use of their work.

The records of a few of the photographers and their URLs

made at the time of photo research

were inadvertently deleted over the years.

Exhaustive search since has failed to unearth their details.

If you happen to recognize one of the photographs

still looking for a credit on the last few pages,

please e-mail the photographer’s name or URL

so we can rectify the situation.

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§ 5 Responses to Book Feedback

  • Bill Zalin says:

    This is must-have information for your survival and well being. If you don’t know who the enemy is how can you fight them? Or avoid them? Or survive their sorry deeds? Hats off to author Steven Ferry for identifying the source of so many problems and upsets in the world and for supplying a workable solution.

    by Marcia Powell

    I just finished reading the Dead Meat book by Steven Ferry. I am soooooooo glad he took the time to write this book, as the world really really REALLY needs this data! For people to know, understand, and be able to APPLY this data in life could really change the world. My father wanted to change the world, bless him, but he did not know and understand this data so was not able to achieve his vision. He knew people were basically good, but he did not understand how some of them can go wrong and cause untold trouble for others. I am going to encourage EVERYONE I know to read this book and then talk to me about how they can apply the data. If they don’t have any ideas, I can certainly share some of mine. We need to act fast before it’s too late. Thank you again, Mr. Ferry. Job well done. — Marcia Powell, Entrepreneur

  • If you take this book at its word, look for the phenomena and the people that are described in this book and have the courage to take the appropriate action, you could change your life completely for the better.

    And if everybody read this book and took it to heart and applied it to their lives, we would see some major changes in life.

    Steven Ferry has done a great job of communicating the phenomena and the situation.

    You owe it to yourself to read it.

  • Ulf Wolf says:

    It is often hard to spot the actual reason you feel thwarted, frustrated, and as if you always come up short in reaching your goals and achieving what you really want. Mr. Ferry’s excellent manual not only clearly isolates the real source behind these frustrations and (often hidden) disparagements, but also supplies a surprisingly easy way to deal with it.

    A manual like this cannot help but lead to better, more productive and fulfilled lives.

  • S. J. Robin says:

    Have you ever wondered about the people who mess up and the people who ‘make’ you mess up?

    This book explores the myths and legends behind the Darth Vader complex in many people. It takes them and blows them away, exposing details and truths behind some of the more complex atitudes held by many throughout the world.

    An interesting journey through the eyes of one man, and much as Atlas Shrugged, maybe the one man who can make us wake up to life and its possibilities. A good read with many twists and turns of the mind.

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